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Windows Live and Google Updates Today

Have you seen the latest version of Windows Live Writer and Messenger? Yes, today their new Betas are out (in one installer). And I am already writing this post in the new Beta of WLW.

What’s more, when I opened Google Reader today at noon, I saw a post from the Reader Team that search engine for feeds is added so I could start to search within the feeds I subscribed. Interesting that I need to manually refresh the page in order to see those new features. Yes, they were upgrading Reader while I was still reading in the old version. Nice experience.

The most important thing now is that I can post pictures to Blogger in WLW because pictures can go to Picasa site. Wonderful workaround.

The only disappointing is that I can no longer use the WLW patch to make English spell checker work again. As a result, if I spell something wrong here, forgive me.

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