What Tool to Write reStructuredText? The War Is Over

March 15, 2018
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I started to develop the reStructuredText extension for Visual Studio Code in November 2015. Sublime Text and Atom were more popular editors back then, and they have reStructuredText support.

The Atom extension has been downloaded more than 40,000 times.

Both Visual Studio Code and my extension were new in the field, and the future was not clear.

Two years has passed.

Hours ago, Stack Overflow published its Developer Survey Results for 2018, and surprisingly Visual Studio Code takes the crown,

Figure 1: Visual Studio Code as most popular development environment.

My extension accumulated 100,000 downloads,

Figure 2: 100,000 downloads of my extension.

It is probably not the extension itself wins the war at last, but Visual Studio Code that draws the attention of so many developers and documentation authors here.

An honor to serve so many users and their daily work, and hope I can do better in the coming months.

Stay tuned.

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