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TritonMate Words: 8.0 Release

While I am busy working on the closed source Compiler Pro, we do have some progress on open source side.

Today I publish the release candidate of #SNMP 8.0, which contains significant new features,

  • Better compliance with RFC documents (2574 and 3414).
  • Official Xamarin platforms support (Mono, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android).
  • Enhanced snmpd with ifTable implementation.
  • Brand new BytesViewer sample.
  • Project wide licensing change (from Lesser GPL to MIT/X11), except the MIB compiling portion (which is already re-licensed under BSD 3-Clause in 7.5 release).

Note that though the open source version of #SNMP MIB Compiler now contains significantly less features than the Pro edition, it still receives patches from the paid version, as the two still shares the same grammar file and a common code base.


Stay tuned.

(Updated: After releasing the RC build, no big issue is found, so today I mark it as RTW. Yes, the RC bits become final release.)

BTW, the Pro edition is now in private beta.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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