Home Sweet Memories: Joy FM Days

Sweet Memories: Joy FM Days

China Radio International (CRI) ran a popular program named Joy FM for years. When I was listening to the program, the hosts were Rick and Jade.

Every night when I was doing my homework, I kept the radio on, enjoyed the show, and sang with those happy songs.

However, the happiness did not last too long. Wuhan Chutian Radio station stopped cooperation with CRI, I were not able to continue listening to this lovely program. Though CRI had Internet broadcasting, I did not have a computer until my senior year at college. Thus, I lost contact with Joy FM.

Sometimes I wonder if I never listened to this program, would I fall in love with western pop music? Would I enjoy English learning that much? Would my English be a little bit better than guys around me?

I never wrote a letter to Rick or Jade, because I was always a shy boy. So right now, let me say “THANK YOU” to my dear hosts, who have unexpectedly changed a boy’s life.

It is this morning that I suddenly found that this program was cancelled in February 2007. Even though there are archived records of the program, I feel a bit of sad.

According to the old news, Rick joined 21st Century. Is he still there? And where is Jade? Miss the voices already.

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