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In a latest blog I talked about using CVS with Visual Studio 2005. However, I soon changed my mind and turned to Subversion (SVN). Why?

In fact, I am not using Visual Studio that often. Since my project is WinForms based, SharpDevelop is a much faster and nicer IDE for coding. Although the debugger is ugly, most bugs can be detected easily actually, so Visual Studio is not touched that much. As a result, I don’t want to do version control in Visual Studio, but in SD.

SD is shipped with a SVN addin, and there seems to be no CVS addin available. That is why I turn to SVN finally.

To add more comments, I’d like to say that CVS and SVN are generally similar. For my usage, they are nearly the same. I wish one day I could master either of them. From now on, I would surely spend more time on SVN.

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