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Some articles to write

(Originally posted to CSDN on March 09, 2006)

I think I have written a few documents and shipped them with CBC 2. However, it should not be enough.

What’s the matter? CBC 2 now is a much bigger project than I thought of in the beginning. After BigFace version, it is more than an add in of BDS. I will show you it is also a good base to develop your BDS add in.

In this week I will finish porting C#Builder Goodies to CBC. It is rather easy this time.

Now you can call CBC 2 a BDS add in SDK with a Code Beautifiers feature implemented by me. You can add your own functions as part of CBC, too. This SDK will be available when WalkPace is shipped.

As a result, I will have to write an article on how to use CBC SDK. This article should be quite long in order to bring you more details on how I design this SDK and what you can do with it.

Wish I could finish it soon.

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BETA: WalkPace first beta version is here

WalkPace brings Sharp Builder Tools and C#Builder Goodies to any BDS version!