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#SNMP Design: The Puzzle of Zero

It is hard to translate .0.0 and .0 into bytes, isn’t it? According to AdventNet’s implementation, both of them should be translated to {0x06, 0x01, 0x00}. So is this the correct answer? If it is, now I have a good explanation for a long existing bug here (maybe it is resolved as .0 simply because .0 and .0.0 share the same bytes).


I think I need to borrow “Understanding SNMP MIBs” from a friend tomorrow to see if there were more details I simply ignored last time. Even though it is a great book, I don’t know if it can solve all questions I have (although most of them are gone).

Once this puzzle is resolved, I may have a chance to close two more bugs in the list. Stay tuned.

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