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#SNMP Design: Request on MIB Builder Again

I like the way of collecting requirements from the discussion board, because users can tell what they want directly. However, Steve and I may not have enough resources to fulfil all of them. For example, do you want to edit your MIB documents in a fancy editor such as Visual Studio or Dreamweaver just like the way you work on HTML files? I bet it would be perfect if #SNMP can provide such a tool but it is not available yet. So I feel a little bit sad about this thread and this one .



But actually I think it is not impossible to implement a cool MIB editor for #SNMP Suite. What about building upon SharpDevelop? I really want to have a second chance to work on SharpDevelop side. Right now, the compiler GUI version uses a simple RichTextBox to host MIB documents. Therefore, no cool editor features are there yet. Do you want to contribute? Let me know if you are interested.

Stay tuned.

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