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#SNMP Design: CrossRoad Release Notes

Last release is TwinTower 1.5 on Jan 17.

This release takes more than three months and please grab a copy from here,


It contains the following changes (bug fixes are not listed, so please check our issue tracker for information):

  1. * browser and compiler are now under MIT license.
  2. * SnmpDataFactory is now DataFactory.
  3. - Silverlight port is obsolete due to too many missing things in SL2.
  4. + TraceSource is used for logging.
  5. + new constructors added in ISnmpData derived classes.
  6. * ISnmpMessage is no longer derived from ISnmpPdu.
  7. - ToBytes method in ISnmpData derived classes are now obsolete.
  8. - TypeCode is removed from ISnmpMessage.
  9. + Unity is used in browser and compiler.
  10. + Objects property is added in Manager.
  11. * table OID validation process is disabled temporarily.
  12. + notification panel is added in browser.
  13. * sample projects are improved.
  14. + #SNMP MIB compiler is added and enhanced.
  15. + Listener component is added.
  16. - TrapListener component is obsolete.
  17. * API changes are introduced to match RFC 1448.
  18. + walk operation now makes use of GET BULK for SNMP v2 calls.
  19. + command line version of SNMP utilities are added, such as snmpget, snmpset, and snmpgetnext.
  20. * SharpSnmpLib.dll is split to three parts: SharpSnmpLib.dll, SharpSnmpLib.Mib.dll, and SharpSnmpLib.Controls.dll.
  21. + Discoverer component is added.
  22. + IP v6 support is added and tested.
  23. + MS Help 2 version of class references is shipped.
  24. * Many patches from Chris are merged so as to tune performance. There must be a few items I missed. If you meet any incompatible issues (from 1.5 to 2.0), please feel free to let me know via our discussion board.

+ for new features * for changed features - for obsolete or removed features


Obsolete items are to be removed post this release. So please follow the advice to move away from them.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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