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#SNMP Design: 3 MIB Files More

After reading Wikipedia, I kind of understand what is a yylexer. However, I am still going on my own lexer. I am sure if I keep refactoring down the road, I may achieve something similar to a standard yylexer.

It is quite funny to develop a lexer because it requires so many algorithms that I must pay attention to. Luckily again I have TDD besides, so every time I change an algorithm somewhere I know immediately what parts are broken, and what are OK.

Have to say there is so much that I need to learn bit by bit, but I can announce that three more MIB files are parsed correctly by my lexer. They are SNMPv2-TC, SNMPv2-CONF, SNMPv2-MIB. So now I have a lot more nodes in the tree right now.

Wish I can stabilize the code soon and publish a new version on CodePlex.com. Stay tuned.

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#SNMP Design: Build My Own Lexer

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