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Product Review: BT Clients

I used BitComet for years. It runs well on Windows XP. Because it is written in C++ efficiency should be its advantage. However, it fails to run properly on Windows Vista. After so many hangs I gave it up.

Yes, FlashGet may be a new choice but I have experienced some hangs too. As a result, I’d like to try some Java product. Azureus is what I am using now.

The first look at Azureus is amazing. The UI is much more beautiful than BitComet. The performance is also great. No hangs occur any more.

I envy those BT client designers. Their products are usually so easy to use, so no manual is actually necessary.

BitTorrent is a nice creation for hosting very large files across the Internet. The misusage of this technique may fire many complaints but is there any technique free of misusage?

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