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How to Use Private Repos as Submodules in VSTS

Well, while public repos work perfectly on VSTS, you will find trouble when adding private repos as submodules in your master repo, because passing user credentials in your build pipeline would kil...

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How to Abort/Cancel A Build In VSTS

I wrote about how to build a pipeline to host multiple Sphinx sites on Azure App Service. But a remaining item is that how to abort a build when nothing (in submodules) is changed. Changes Detect...

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CI/CD Pipeline with VSTS and Zapier

I just wrote about how I started to self host Sphinx sites on Azure App Service. Here I am writing about how to set up CI/CD pipeline to make it perfect. Preparation 1: VSTS Repo for App Service ...

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History of PHP Manager for IIS

Ironically I suggested people to avoid PHP Manager, but later took over the project. Overview of PHP on IIS PHP has been a popular programming platform for web applications. It has been inte...

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Signing Your Code For The Good, And The Bad

Signing your code is a very important step to confirm that you ship something that can be trusted by others. However, it comes at a price, because you need to pay a certificate authority for a vali...

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The Rough History of Referenced Assemblies

This post tries to fill the gaps left in the compiler history post. You can find all other posts I wrote in the index page. .NET Framework 1.x/2.x/Compact Framework When Microsoft released such ...

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#SNMP Library, Bouncy Castle Extensions

Microsoft decided to make a few encryption algorithms obsolete in .NET Core. Everyone knows they did this for good. But the crude fact is that many existing things unfortunately depend on such algo...

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Jexus Manager Update July 2018

I know Jexus Manager hasn’t been updated for a while. There are many reasons, and the biggest one of them is that I was working on some huge changes but I didn’t know how easy/difficult it was. E...