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What Does .NET 5 Mean to You

On Monday, Microsoft announced .NET 5, the next major release of its popular .NET Core platform. The version number bump (to 5) is kind of expected, as nobody wants to mess things up with .NET Fra...

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Samsung .NET Core Debugger and MonoDevelop

Visual Studio for Mac has been supporting .NET Core debugging for a while, but MonoDevelop users do not get the same experience. It has been a well known issue, and mainly due to the fact that Micr...

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ASP.NET Core Diagnostics for IIS/IIS Express, Stories Behind

ASP.NET Core on IIS/IIS Express shouldn’t be hard, as they all come from Microsoft. However, we all know it has been a mess since the beginning, as I blogged multiple times from different angles, i...

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The Cost of Open Source Solutions, A Case Study on Red Hat and Docker

Open source movement changes how we produce software. Companies like Red Hat and Docker do make their source code publicly available, but using products from them is not free, and not even cheap. S...

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.NET Core RPMs for CentOS

It is very important to learn what to install on a CentOS if you want to deploy a .NET Core application or set up a development environment there. So here we quickly go over the necessary details. ...

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#SNMP Library, 11.0 and Above

I just revised and published release notes for #SNMP Library 11.0 and 11.1. The most significant changes are, The core library shrinks to the smallest. The extensions (BouncyCastle based pr...

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Two Years on Medium

I decided to give up my self hosting WordPress and switched to Medium in 2017. It also was the time that I moved from Shanghai to Montreal. While other people decided to move away from Medium, I st...

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A WiX Installer Example, Jexus Manager

Jexus Manager has been shipped as a ZIP package for long. Such a shipping method is very popular, as users can unzip the contents and run from a suitable location immediately. Tools like ILSpy also...