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How to Install Microsoft CORS Module for IIS Express

Microsoft released an IIS extension called CORS module a while ago, as to better help its customers. Of course, this is their traditional way to shop out-of-band feature for IIS 7 and above. Howev...

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How I Set Up Visual Studio Code Remote with Multipass on macOS

Visual Studio Code Remote Development Extension is an excellent idea with easy-to-use user experience. You can easily configure if your target machine is an SSH enabled Linux machine, either physic...

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Unpleasant Facts about Hangfire

When people choose to use a framework, they are not only enjoying the benefits it brings, but also take ownership of the evil associated. Hangfire is one of such frameworks, so be caution. The Th...

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The Horrible Facts on Visual Studio Setup Projects

Microsoft Windows requires software to be packed as installers so as to install easily for end users. The evolution of Windows leads to various installer technologies to be invented along the way, ...

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The Rough History of .NET Core Debuggers

There are several .NET Core debuggers out there from different vendors, and this post covers the major ones and their stories. .NET Core Debugger from Microsoft, aka vsdbg .NET Core was born wit...

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The Basic Facts About IIS/ASP.NET Process/Thread Identities

Developers usually ignore the facts about process/thread identities when application frameworks hide them away. However, some time later in the development/testing problems/issues occur and bite th...

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Things You Should Know About Windows Cache Extension for PHP

When Microsoft decided to bring PHP to Windows/IIS, they also created a key component called WinCache, which is a separate open source project. Though its development hasn’t been quite active, it i...

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The Rough History of MonoDevelop

There is a Wikipedia article about MonoDevelop. However, I don’t think it contains the necessary history events on this product, so here I provide an alternative version. Note that I also blog...