Half-Blood Programmer

Lost My Twitter Account Access

Well, I could not access Twitter.com for a very long time. And recently, even Brizzly.com cannot be accessed. Do I lose it for ever?

Windows XP Everywhere

We all know that Windows XP is a great product. It is so great that sometimes you don’t know its existence. Figure 1: Windows XP in Shanghai Metro. Figure 2: Windows XP in Shanghai Metro.

New Home.

Somewhere Called Home

Wish I can move in sooner. Yes, a place called home.

Microsoft Zizhu Campus.

I Love The Blue Colour

Someone contacted me a few days ago about my previous employer. That makes me feel bit of “miss you”. So today when I find this old photo on the hard disk, it is time to publish it. One year passe...

BigDipper Light: Authentication and Privacy Further

Ivo reported a new issue recently, and it shows that #SNMP does not yet handle SNMP v3 REPORT message completely. http://sharpsnmplib.codeplex.com/Thread/View.aspx?ThreadId=238442 The technical d...

BigDipper Light: Updated Async Support

Starting from our latest change set, you need to provide one more argument to BeginGetResponse. That was the missing piece, state object. As state object is a requirement of Microsoft .NET asynchr...

News on Alex 3 RC and SharpDevelop 4

Hi there, are you still using SharpDevelop 3, and Alex 2 (http://alex.codeplex.com)? Well, time for a change, as SharpDevelop 4 is nice, and we have Alex 3 for it now, http://alex.codeplex.com/re...

Windows Live Mail Spelling Does Not Work

I am using Windows Live Mail 2011 to write blog post, as Writer cannot connect to Blogger here in China. But at first Spelling button was greyed out and I did not know why. Well, the fix is not ha...