Half-Blood Programmer

Don't Let Windows Forms Bite You

I just recently understand how heavily Windows Forms depends on native Windows components and why switching to WPF is nice for developers in some scenarios. So the story goes. Do you know that if...

Net-SNMP snmpd.exe Crash On Windows

Well, there are already posts on the Internet about this issue, that snmpd.exe crashes on Windows. I am using Windows Vista SP2 and I also notice this issue. In Windows Event Log (Application cat...

A Tip for SnmpSharpNet (SNMP#NET) Users

Well, I believe you have the habit of reading release notes and pay attention to what was written in SnmpSharpNet’s one. http://www.snmpsharpnet.com/node/57 Then you should know that in almost al...

Product Review: PHP Manager for IIS

I just noticed this project on CodePlex, which provides PHP support in IIS Manager. http://phpmanager.codeplex.com/ I was wondering who created such an amazing thing, and finally found out that t...

Lost My Twitter Account Access

Well, I could not access Twitter.com for a very long time. And recently, even Brizzly.com cannot be accessed. Do I lose it for ever?

Windows XP Everywhere

We all know that Windows XP is a great product. It is so great that sometimes you don’t know its existence. Figure 1: Windows XP in Shanghai Metro. Figure 2: Windows XP in Shanghai Metro.

Somewhere Called Home

Wish I can move in sooner. Yes, a place called home.

I Love The Blue Colour

Someone contacted me a few days ago about my previous employer. That makes me feel bit of “miss you”. So today when I find this old photo on the hard disk, it is time to publish it. One year passe...