Half-Blood Programmer

WebBrowser Control and BMP Images

It is convenient to develop a WinForms application with a WebBrowser component because Word documents and other files can be opened in it. The only problem I found last week was that BMP files cann...

Localization in .NET Framework 2.0

It is easy to localize a .NET WinForms project in Visual Studio. However, something you should be careful with. An article should be your guide when you need to do some localization. That is Walkth...


(CSDN April 09, 2007) 开始上班了,换了一个城市,也换了很多东西。所以应该承认变化还是很大的。由于对于公司的规章制度还不是十分的了解,CBC和Alex两个项目将会暂停一个时期,还望各位用户谅解。 下班了,该回家了。

I Do Not Know What I Can Blog

I have to say that I do not know what I can blog and do at this moment. Yes, I do not want to break the rules. As a result, I will not continue CBC for a few months. Also I will write less blog ent...

Life at SA

I am now blogging to say that I become a member of the Scientific Atlanta. I am working as a Software Engineer. That’s all for today. Let me say something more next week.


(CSDN March 23, 2007) 本来计划用Google的邮箱+博客+Code,现在居然只有邮箱可以从CERNET直接访问,实在令人失望。或许我还要在等等看。 或者今后使用公网上网就不会有这个问题了。但愿。

HardQuery Report: RC 5 is out and the Final will be available late in April

(CSDN March 26, 2007) I am now packing for leaving for Shanghai and I will start my career there. As a result, I do not have plenty of time to make the 5.3.3 Final ready in weeks. I wish I could h...

免费的新东西:Turbo JBuilder 2007

(CSDN March 19, 2007) JBuilder一直有一个免费的Foundation版本。不过从现在起,这个版本也被列入了Turbo系列,叫做Turbo JBuilder 2007。你可以从这里下载到 http://codegear.com/Default.aspx?tabid=143 当然,有了这个版本,我今后似乎就不会去下载光光的Eclipse SDK了。免费的Easy...