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Firefox 3和 Google 拼音

(CSDN May 14, 2007) Firefox 1确实比IE 6好用很多。不过,Microsoft终于还是推出了IE7。Firefox 2出来已经有好几个月了,不过我使用这个版本已经太久了――从Beta 1算起。感觉和IE 7相比,Firefox能够提供的好处就不是那么多了。现在试了试Firefox 3的Beta版本有一个多星期了,还没有看出比FF2好处多。不过,确实没有什么异常和...

Localization Helpers

After you decide to take the adventure of localizing a WinForms application, you should at first search for helpers, especially the free ones. For me, the pains of translating is less than the pa...


(CSDN May 11, 2007) 从Delphi 2005开始,Delphi进入了一个新的IDE时代,这也导致原来安装OCX的习惯必须做出改变。因此察看帮助是必须的一步。 如果你还是看不懂帮助,下面是CodeGear工程师给出的进一步解答,相信足够权威和可靠。对于Delphi新版本的用户来说,应该是很值得参考的。


很幸运的和华工04级的研究生一起毕业离校,有很幸运的和05级一起等待着毕业证。这意味着自己现在的状态就是悬在天地之间,上不着天,下不着地。 那些04级的人士,已经像我一样开始了上班的生涯,也就是开始拿钱了开始缴税了。而那些05级的同学们还在过着悠闲舒适的研究生活。 拿着工资,却在怀念着实验室里快活的老样子,是不是有些愚蠢甚至懒惰呢?上班就没有那么快乐吗?这短短的一个月还难以给出一个确定...

HardQuery Report: Final Will Be Out Soon

Soon I would buy a new computer. After that I will continue to develop Code Beautifier Collection in my spare time. I wish I could release the 5.3.3 final version in early June. Stay tuned.

The Wallpaper for Mozilla Developer Center

I used to love the Firefox wallpapers. As a result, now I use this wallpaper. http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Promote_MDC Yes, it is very nice. “Please Don’t Hurt The Web.”

Subversion Or CVS

In a latest blog I talked about using CVS with Visual Studio 2005. However, I soon changed my mind and turned to Subversion (SVN). Why? In fact, I am not using Visual Studio that often. Since my ...

Save CPU Utilization In An Empty Loop

Sometimes you need to kill some time by running an empty for or while loop. The only problem is that the CPU utilization will soon reach 100% for a single core CPU or 50% for a duel-core. Oh, my Go...