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Cool Tools for VS

CoolCommand and BuildConsole are something I found today. Yes, they are cool. You can find them here.

In Case You Don't Know

There are two articles worth reading if you are a .NET developer, Visual Studio Add-Ins Every Developer Should Download Now, and Ten Must-Have Tools Every Developer Should Download Now I have r...

Free CodeSmith

Although CodeSmith has turned to be a commercial product, it has a free version 2.6. http://www.codesmithtools.com/freeware.aspx If you want to have a try, that is a good start.

Notes on Resource Refactoring Tool

I have been using Resource Refactoring Tool for a long time (with ResEx). However, on a Simplified Chinese Windows, the font problem prevents part of the dialog from correctly showing. (This pictur...

VMware Workstation 和 Server: 艰难的选择

(CSDN May 15, 2007) 不得不承认VMware Workstation是个好东西。不过,买一个还是很贵的。刚刚使用了版本6的几个试用版本,都十分的好用。可是现在6的正式版出来了,估计很快试用版就会过期了。怎么办? 今天才终于发现,那个免费的VMware Server居然就有Workstation的主要功能。可惜没有Shared Folder,不然对我而言Workstati...

Firefox 3和 Google 拼音

(CSDN May 14, 2007) Firefox 1确实比IE 6好用很多。不过,Microsoft终于还是推出了IE7。Firefox 2出来已经有好几个月了,不过我使用这个版本已经太久了――从Beta 1算起。感觉和IE 7相比,Firefox能够提供的好处就不是那么多了。现在试了试Firefox 3的Beta版本有一个多星期了,还没有看出比FF2好处多。不过,确实没有什么异常和...

Localization Helpers

After you decide to take the adventure of localizing a WinForms application, you should at first search for helpers, especially the free ones. For me, the pains of translating is less than the pa...


(CSDN May 11, 2007) 从Delphi 2005开始,Delphi进入了一个新的IDE时代,这也导致原来安装OCX的习惯必须做出改变。因此察看帮助是必须的一步。 如果你还是看不懂帮助,下面是CodeGear工程师给出的进一步解答,相信足够权威和可靠。对于Delphi新版本的用户来说,应该是很值得参考的。