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OpenCover Addin for SharpDevelop, Part II

You probably heard that I upgraded the existing PartCover addin to support OpenCover, and last weekend I finished all the tasks. So now you can grab it and play with it from my fork,


The final action I need to do now is fax the signed JCA document to Austria and allow the team to take this contribution officially. Due to the two typhoons hitting eastern China today, I will have to wait till next Monday.

Hope you enjoy this addin and continue supporting both OpenCover and SharpDevelop.

Update: my changes are now part of SharpDevelop on its opencover branch.


Matt Ward will take further care of it. My fork will no longer be maintained.

Update Again: OpenCover addin is now officially part of SharpDevelop!

What a piece of wonderful news :)

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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