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Moving CBC to Google Code

I have to confess that GForge is a good place to start hosting an open source project in China. However, its evolution is slow and sometimes insane.

When I released version 5.3.1, I found all links of my homepage were HTTPS instead of HTTP. There was no alarm sent to me, so I had to work hard to modify InDate feature. That was why there was a Hotfix provided.

Now, it seems that both HTTP and HTTPS links are available on GForge, but I have been tired of unexpected changes in the future. So moving CBC to another place is a choice.

I have already moved Alex to CodePlex.com, and see some limitation there. Any downloads from CodePlex.com should be triggered by the browser because you have to accept the license. In this way, InDate cannot be easily programmed.

Two days ago, I saw a project named emacspeak on Google Code. At that moment, I saw Google’s service quite promising. As a result, now I register a project there. When I finish the moving, I will post here again.

Stay tuned.

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