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Localization in .NET 2.0

It is easy to localize a .NET WinForms project in Visual Studio. However, something you should be careful with. An article should be your guide when you need to do some localization. That is Walkthrough: Localizing Windows Forms inside MSDN.

When you try to translate the WinFormStrings.resx, you will find .NET Language Localizator 2 for .NET 2 very helpful. After translating in it, you can rename the compiled resx to WinFormStrings.**.resx.

I have to confess it is still hard to localize a project even with the help of Visual Studio and .NET Language Localizator 2 for .NET 2. So, before any exercise, think twice.

And you see, that is why I hadn’t localize CBC even though so many Chinese users asked me to.

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