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Jexus Series: Management Script and Commands

Starting Jexus 5.3 the commands are merged into one Shell script, /usr/jexus/jws.

This script provides the following functionality,

jws startStart Jexus server.
jws start site_nameStart a single web site. Note that site_name must match one of the configuration files under configuration directory.
jws restartRestart Jexus server.
jws restart site_nameRestart a single web site.
jws stopStop Jexus server.
jws stop site_nameStop a single web site.
jws regsvrRegister Jexus assembly in GAC. Note that this is only required to be executed once during installation.
jws statusReport Jexus runtime status.
jws -vDisplay Jexus version number. The script should be set to executable during installation. The commands can only be executed by root.
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