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How to Use NuGet on Mono, Part V

[Update: Microsoft starts to officially support Mono, so please simply use latest NuGet executable such as 3.5]

This is a latest report on NuGet on Mono (assuming you are using Mono 3.2.7)

NuGet pack still breaks. I am still investigating on what’s wrong. NuGet package restore still breaks, due to a Mono xbuild bug, which I just reported.

Thus, if you meet the following error message during a build, you hit exactly the same bug,

/home/lextudio/sharpsnmplib/SharpSnmpLib.Mono.sln (default targets) ->
(Build target) ->
/home/lextudio/sharpsnmplib/SharpSnmpLib/SharpSnmpLib.csproj (default targets) ->
/home/lextudio/sharpsnmplib/.nuget/NuGet.targets (RestorePackages target) ->

/home/lextudio/sharpsnmplib/.nuget/NuGet.targets: error : Command 'mono --runtime=v4.0.30319 /home/lextudio/sharpsnmplib/.nuget/NuGet.exe install "" -source "" -RequireConsent -solutionDir "/home/lextudio/sharpsnmplib/"' exited with code: 1.

If Mono guys fix this issue, I will test again to see if everything works as expected.

(Update on March 1) Well, 17802 has been fixed, but two more issues are found,

Will track down the progress on these two in the next few weeks.

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