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Hardquery Report: InDate is not working normally

(CSDN Dec 26, 2006)

GForge has encountered a huge change. All links from that site are using HTTPS at this moment. As a result, InDate cannot download the update package list or any packages from that site. This is why you can no longer get updated. I will see if there is something I can do.

I do not want to make this as a bug, although it really bores me. Just because I cannot build a site for CBC, I start to use this free service and every unexpected changes of that GForge site surely impact on CBC.

I guess SourceForge is much better, but as a CERNET user I cannot access SF.net easily. I wish when I graduate I could move CBC to SF.net.

Temporarily, you should not depend on InDate any more. I am very sad about this.

Stay tuned.

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