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HardQuery Report: ArtCSB Plus

(CSDN Sept 05, 2006)

As a C#Builder user, I often find it hard to access the component I want when there are a lot of them inside a form or user control. What’s missing? A component tree. The Structure View is empty when you are editing WinForms or WebForms. This is very bad.

ArtCSB 2.5

I forgot when I met ArtCSB on Borland Developer Network Code Central.

It adds a form which displays a component tree. When you click a component caption on the tree, corresponding component is selected on the Form Designer. This is the Designer Navigation feature.

Besides, ArtCSB provides other useful features, though some of them I do not use.

ArtCSB Plus

ArtCSB 2.5 is very old. It can not run with delphi 2006 without corrections. As a result, I decide to bring it back with LeXDK 5.2. It is quite easy, and only takes me a few hours.

You will see this plus in HardQuery M9. Only tiny changes occur inside LeXDK. I think it is stable enough.

After M9, I will release HardQuery Final. Although NFamily, ArtCSB and WiseEditor are not so stable, LeXDK itself is quite stable now. Possible bugs will be addressed by Hotfixes or Update.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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