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GrapeVine Voice: Issues Open

It is until I started to capture new images for GrapeVine that I found out a few small flaws inside. Therefore I think releasing GrapeVine later is a better idea. In this way I can spend more time on the documents to deliver something worth reading.

Although it is said that most people do not read user manuals, I think it is still the best way to describe what CBC can do for you when I cannot afford redoing the same thing on Google Code because I know so little of WIKI markings.

The biggest problem is that Stardock Cursor XP conflicts with TechSmith SnagIt 7.2.5. Thus I cannot remove my cursor from the results. I will uninstall Cursor XP later to see if things go well again.

Now, stay tuned. GrapeVine will be available in weeks.

(Update: After uninstalling Cursor XP, SnagIt starts to work fine. However, I still cannot capture CBC menu items correctly. I will ask my technical writer for help.)

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