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GrapeVine Voice: Issue 4 and File Browser Expert

I have found another issue #4 when I played with File Browser expert. Robin has created a very nice expert while he at first released a bare .dll file. Yes, as an OTA developer I understand how to install it in a glance. But for most Delphi users, installing this expert may not be easy.

In fact, I guess using Expert Manager in Code Beautifier Collection can solve this problem. But soon I found I was wrong. Although EM can enable and disable already installed experts such as GExperts and CnWizards, it failed to add a Win32 expert like File Browser expert. Yes, that is just issue 4. And definitely this issue is very easy to fix. Sorry I never detected this item earlier.

After receiving my comments, Robin adds an installer on his blog. And after a few minutes, I fix issue 4. So now you can see both experts improved a little bit.

Stay tuned. I will release M8 this weekend.

BTW, CodeGear keeps hiring new guys now. Yes, this opening is suitable for .NET developers who is able to work in beautiful Scott Valley.

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