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Custom Domain: Now I Have My Own

Blogger supports custom domains. I know that for long but I just do not know where to buy a domain of my own. Yes, I know there is a lot of registrars, but which one is most cost efficient? It was yesterday that I finally made up my mind, and used service from Now.cn. Although most Chinese registrars provide domain registration, I do not want the hosting service bundled. And Now.cn provides a domain only low end service which costs 41 RMB per year (about 6 USD per year).

So I have followed the Blogger help and a little help from this blog and successfully configured everything necessary. From now on, please access this blog from the new address,

http://www.lextm.cn or http://lextm.cn

Sorry that China Mainland residents may not be able to access this address as well as http://lextm.blogspot.com

What I am going to do next? I may try Google AdSense ASAP.

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