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CBC TechNote: About 2.2

(Originally published to CSDN on Nov 03, 2005)

I think about this lately, and find there are still lots of stuffs. So maybe I should spend more time on learning .NET programming. Today, I studied TreeView and Splitter basics. Now the options dialog looks much clearer. It looks like the BDS options dialog a bit now. Vow!

Also I add an About dialog. But it is still simple now.

I should make an installer if I won’t follow marc’s smart way. That should be convenient. But I cannot make sure whether the compiled assemblies I provide could run well on other’s BDS. I need more experiments on these subjects.

What else? I should make a more detailed user manual. In that manual, I should add a lot of pictures/screenshots, and more measures users should take. I don’t want to include a help file (hlp or chm). First I never make one before. Second, it may not be as beautiful as a manual. Luckily, CBC is such a simple wizard that there is no need to tell the users a lot.

I am rushed to my feet when releasing this 2.1 version although I’ve done a lot of release candidates this time. I add a lot of changes but I haven’t waited until I test every piece. Now a lot of tiny problems out there.

The debug versions work alright, but the release versions not. The users should delete the default namespace Lextm in the options/application in order to correct this problem.

Next time when I release 2.2, I should pay more attention to testing. I do more testing now. I first did a demo to learn the new technique I need, and then port its lines into CBC. So I can be sure that it works in my way. It is a good approach. And I should use CBC a relative long time myself before releasing a build. If I did this last time, I should have found this bug earlier (but now I posted it with the bug on BDN! Many users should be sad, and I am really sorry).

After all, it works. And I believe it is usable.

I am learning a lot there days. Thanks to CBC period, and it is the best time of my life.

Now I am happy to add that, 2.2 has already been done on my dev machine. Soon it should be release to replace the buggy 2.1 on your PC.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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