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An old bug fixed now after searching for so long

(CSDN June 07, 2006)

I have been using serialization now and then. Lately when I make some public classes with [Serializable] to internal classes, annoying exception shows when I use a XmlSerializer. The constructor of it which takes a Type parameter fails.

I find nothing in the MSDN and .NET SDK Docs but I know the only reason is my modifications. Maybe the serializer needs to know much about the Type so it can only be a public class. But why MS fails to make this point clearer.

This bug dates back to very old versions of CBC2. I am sorry you cannot save you preferences and an exception is popped. The only thing I feel lucky is that even without preferences files, CBC 2 can still run and do some staff for you.

You can either modify the source (change some internal Preferences classes to public), or wait for N3 RC 1.

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